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"1Player" - exclusive chrome extension for NetEase Cloud Music, making it as convenient to listen to songs on the Web as on the client

Posted on Jan. 31, 2023, 1:57 p.m. by Loretta Hayden
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? A chrome extension can control the player of

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Use 1Player to control your NetEase cloud music player, and you can easily control songs while doing other work without switching back and forth.

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Desktop lyrics and collection success notification

In curved tip

Customize shortcut keys

Desktop notifications, lyrics, and song code rate Settings

Comparison of file sizes at different bit rates for the same song



  • Add desktop lyrics display, you can control the hidden in the options
  • Added support for web side playing 320K songs (thanks for 864907600cc script)
  • Player UI optimization (refer to Douban FM)
  • Increase volume control
  • Added replay control
  • Added player panel lyrics display
  • Add current favorites to my favorite songs, you can set shortcut key favorites
  • According to him some bug fixes


  • Adding playlists
  • Added song desktop notifications, which can be set in the plug-in options



  • The extension panel synchronizes the current playing song information
  • The extension panel can control the previous track, the next track, pause/play, play progress and play mode
  • Click the song/artist in the extension panel to quickly access the corresponding song/artist page
  • Shortcut keys to control the previous song, next song, pause/play, copy the current playing song link to the clipboard


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